@Formulas not used in xPages

Formulas not used in xPages -

Many of us know that xPages supports formulas language for rapid application development and that is good.
But some formulas are not yet ready to use on xPages , So I have categorized below formula list which is categorized on the basic of their use.

One interesting facts on below formulas, if you want to use below formulas in xPages then you can.
How? Yes its one Lotus Script WebQuerySave event. You can use lotus script WebQuerySave lotus Script on xPages and use these formulas using Evaluate Statements.

For example – if you want to calculate business day so use @business days in Query Save event (if your are logic is on save calculation)
@BusinessDays using evaluate statement in WebQuerySave agent. But use is very limited as we can use this on only webQuerySave. i.e. on server side.

Categories : 

View, Field, Document & Workspace Formulas

@Doc Fields



Date & Time:


DB & Server Formulas  

@DbCommand(Domino data source)
@DbCommand(ODBC data source)

Sting ,Converters & Others


Web & URLS Functions


Address Book Functions



Looping Statements


Other Formulas


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@Formulas In xPages

Formula used in xPages: Many of we know how @formulas works on tradition lotus Notes and also the power of formula language & performance, so as a result formula language still alive in newly added design element “xPages”.

Formula in xPages performs very good roles for the execution of complex logic.
xPages uses three type of language , in which we have "Server Side Java Script" , "Client side Java Script". 

The best part of xPages is we can use formula languages without doing immense changes, the difference is in its structure not Syntax , so we don’t need to worry about syntax. One small change in formula language will help to achieve your goal in xPages
Formula in xPages. The only difference is in its "Separator", we use ";" as separator in our traditional lotus notes formula language. For example 

@Contains("xPage Domino";"Domino")

Use the syntax in xPage JavaScript. I.e. 

@Contains("xPage Domino","Domino")

As I said we made the difference is in delimiter. We used. "," instead ";" . So the same you can apply to all formula used in xPage. but do you know how many formulas we used in xPages, or how many @formulas supports to xPages JavaScript?
We have list of all formulas used in xPages. Let’s find below –

DB Functions


Document Functions


Date & Time Functions


DataTypes , Convertors & Other


String Functions




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