xPage Export to Excel using Lotus Script:

Export to Excel using Lotus Script:  Yes, export to excel using your lotus script on the xPage , as earlier we said xPages supports Lotus Script agent ,this is the one of the example.

Here we will see how we can export viewpanel documents to excel using our lotus script.
We are sure that as a lotus notes developer, you have been using this technique for many years to export documents using lotus script, here the same technique we are now applying on xPage.
Yes, the same technique on xPage! 

In earlier article we think you have seen export to excel using client side JavaScript. If not, please look at once - here is the link "Export to excel using JavaScript". In this JavaScript export we have used "content type" method to export documents in excel, but it has some drawbacks as this i.e. JavaScript content type technique is not supportive to all browsers. But here, i.e. with Lotus Script we will try to cover all your limitations and will try to provide foolproof export to excel using LotusScript.  

So let’s find out the examples.
First we will explain the concepts behind this-
We have added the "view Panel" on xPage and then one "export to excel" button control on the top of the viewPanel. 

Now here we need one help from client side JavaScript. So we will add client side JavaScript on the button control to call the Lotus Script agent, we think you are aware of this technique.
Now let’s start with steps-

1. Add viewPanel & a button control on the xPage. As shown in below screen.

2. Add below client side JavaScript code on the button control to call Lotus script agent.

3. Now run below Lotus Script agent on the xPage.

Sub Initialize
   'Copyright xpagedomino (www.xpagedomino.com)
   'Contact admin@xpagedomino.com for any comments
    On Error Goto haddler
    Dim session As New NotesSession '// your notes session
    Dim database As NotesDatabase '// database declaration
    Dim view As NotesView '// view declaration, remember this is the same      view object declaration which we are referring  for xPage viewPanel
    Dim doc As NotesDocument  '// document declaration . its the viewpannle document
    Set database=session.currentdatabase '// database object declaration
    Set view = database.GetView(<your current viewPanel view name>) '// this is an important line, add a same view name (not viewpannel name) which you have used on xpage viewpannle control for export functionality
    Set doc=view.GetFirstDocument  
    If Not doc Is Nothing Then     
        thead="<th>FirstName </th>"
        thead=thead+"<th> LastName </th>"
        thead=thead+"<th> DOB </th>"
        thead=thead+"<th> City </th>"
        thead=thead+"<th> Country </th>"   
        ' // setting of column name as header for excel columns
        While Not doc Is Nothing
 '// Actual values for rows which you want to display as excel rows     
            Set doc=view.GetNextDocument(doc)
        table=+"<table border='1'>"+thead+tr+"</table>" '// create your final table with table head , rows and data values
    End If
    Print {Content-Disposition: Attachment; filename=exporttoexcelLS.xls}
    '// define this content type for your excel file to set name and excel file as attachment for  browsers    
    Print {Content-Type:application/vnd.ms-excel} '// define this content type to set file type as excel file     
    Print table '// finally open your excel file on browser using "Print table
Exit Sub


  Print "Error in export to excel Error Line " + Cstr(Erl)+ "& error is "+ Cstr(Error)

End Sub

Result -

Screenshot : exported excel file-

Here you can find total 10 rows which are similar to xPage view panel with border 1 as we have added in script.

We think this is a simplest way to export documents to excel, you can this code as per the need for project.

Also, there are some other scripts that will also help to generate the similar export to excel functionality and That can be done through Server side JavaScript (SSJS), we will show you in the next article
Hers is the link -

Note: we can also customize this lotus script export to excel function on selected documents also. I.e. we can export those documents which we have selected using check box. For this you can add checkbox for your first column using xpage viewpanel property (no code required to add checkbox) and this we will show in other article. “Export to excel using lotus script on selected document”

Thanks for reading this article, hope you like it, if you have any difficulty please contact us on ‘admin@xpagedomino.com’ or click here to contact us.

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