How to bind XPage to existing Form in Migration process?

Data Binding in XPage for Migration process.

Data Binding in XPage is an important steps in Lotus notes application migration process.
Some of the important steps we need to perform while migrating tradition Lotus notes application to new XPage application.

Will study an example – Consider one Notes client application and that you have to migrate to XPage application? 

In Notes client application we know there are many complex computed formulas and computed values written to calculate business logic and if you want to write it on XPage , it will be difficult, we know that sometime you don’t want to write the same logic again in new XPages. 

So to avoid this, XPage has introduced new feature and it’s called as “Run Form Validation”.
So we will talk about ‘Run Form Validation “in deep in further steps, before we will show you,
How to bind XPage to existing form. Please follow below steps-

1. Open Application in designer to create new XPage.
2. Go to the design element XPage and click on ‘New XPage’ to create new XPage.
3. This will open below popup to create new XPage.
4. Enter new XPage name FORM example ‘xpageForm’.


5. Add your comment, if you want

6. Select application where you want to create XPage, here XPage added one more feature, you can create XPage in different application by selecting different application name which you want. But that application should be open. We are not selecting different application, we are keeping default setting as it is.

7. Important Step, find below the application selection box. There is one checkbox called ‘Add data source' to the page.

8. Click on the checkbox and you will get below screen with one more option to select as ’Data source’

There are three points to select:
-          Domino Document
-          Domino View
-          Object Data Source
 Here we will learn only ‘Domino Document’ later on we will learn remaining 2  database. And that we would be covering this is next articles-

Refer below screen for ‘Domino Document’ object   

Select ‘Domino Document’ object from data source.

9. Now, after selecting ‘Data source’ as ‘Domino Document’ you will get additional options
Refer below screen for additional options-

Select ‘Application’ as current as we are selecting data source from current application, but if you want to select another application you can. It’s another feature of XPage.

10. Now, select the FORM name from the dropdown, here we have two forms to select ‘fProfile’ & ‘frmProfile’, this is the list of all available forms in your database. You can select the form which you want to bind to XPage.

11. Data source: this the same as you have selected previously.

12. The important one. Its required steps in any migration process, you have to decide what validation required here.

If your notes form has validation / computed formulas then XPage will execute those formula on selected method. I.e. if you select the type as-

  •         On document load: Form formulas will be executed on XPage document load event i.e. on load event.

  •         On document save: Form formulas will be executed on XPage document save event i.e. on Submit.

  •         Both: Form formulas will be executed on XPage document load & save event i.e. on load & on Submit event

-          This is required selection for every migration process.  Select Option ‘Both’, if you select it will calculate your formulas computed fields, computed values, input translations etc.

Perform all above steps in migration process, also please find how to bind ‘Domino view’ & data object source in next articles, if you have any doubts, please reply/contact to our email id .
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