How to delete selected documents from XPage view panel?

In a tradition lotus notes, we use to do lot of logic to delete the documents from Lotus notes view on webpage. But the XPage has made this very simple. No script no- complex logic. You have configure the delete document logic only.
Here are the steps to delete document from view panel.

       1. Add view panel to you XPage
2. Now go to the ‘view panel property’
3. Go to the ‘display’ property
4. There you can find the ‘checkbox filed. Just select the check box filed.

Now look the view panel, you can see the first column is marked with checkbox.
Preview your XPage in web and see, all the rows from first Column are marked with checkbox and with column values.

5. Now, go to the domino designer again and go to XPage core controls
6. Select the button control from core controls.
7. Add button control on XPage near to view panel or view panel top.
8. Go to button control properties and find label property ‘change name to ‘Delete Document’

Till now you have configured the basic steps for delete document command but now the important steps to delete actual document from notes database using XPage power.
Also, you have option add customized confirmation box before deleting the document from notes that prevent the unwanted deletes from database. Now do the easy steps.

9. Click on ‘Delete document’ button which we have added recently
10. Go to the button ‘Event’, there you can see ‘client’ & ‘server’ event , select ‘Server’
11. Click on ‘simple action’ radio button, if it’s not selected.
12. Select the ‘Add Action’ button below to simple action selector
13. Click on add action button on server side ‘On Click’ event.
14. Also, you need to select Ajax ‘server option’ to ‘Partial Update’ and click on
15. Select element add element as your view panel name, this will prevent the page refresh and here you can see the power of XPage. Refer below screen.

Now, once you clicked the add action button, you will get popup to add simple action.      Search all the action available in the simple actions and select category as ‘document’


16. After selecting ‘document’ category for simple action now select action.
17. Select action as delete selected document. To get best idea refer below screen.


18. After selecting ‘action as Delete selected document’ ‘Arguments for this action’ section.

19. Select the view name i.e. view panel from which you want to delete document, its mandatory option for deletion command.

20. Now see the confirmation text added in confutation text field, this in optional field but    better to keep unwanted deleted from database, it’s up to you, your chose.

21. This confirmation box will display when you click on ‘delete document button.
22. Now, click ‘Ok’ and Save your XPage.

23. Preview your XPage on web browser.  

Here you can see the view panel with delete document button and each row with added checkbox.
Now select the checkbox and click on delete document button. The message box should be display “do you really want to delete this document?’ say yes and see the XPage power, document will be deleted without refreshing the whole page.

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