How to get Authors & Readers values from a notes document?

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 How to get Authors & Readers values from a notes document?
Many times we may have faced this issue to find out authors and readers values from a document. If there is lot of security in a document we may have faced this issue.  We usually find the names by searching in database designer and then we look into the document properties for authors and readers.
But we have identified one simple way to find authors and reader values with their field names. So you can easily find security behind the authors and readers.

Please note:

To find authors & readers you don’t need to have manager access to database. You can manage this task with minimum reader access to database.
But be careful, you can only run this scrip. But to create this script you need to have minimum Author access with extra privileges to create ‘Lotus Script/Java agent'  access to database Access control list.
Now, please look into code, we have written details description for each line to get more idea for code, so you can customize this for your use.

Sub Initialize
 'Copyrights (

        Dim session As New NotesSession
        Dim ws As New NotesUIWorkspace
        Dim db As NotesDatabase
        Dim view As NotesView
        Dim doc As NotesDocument
        Dim uiview As NotesUIView
        Dim Collection As NotesDocumentCollection
        Set db=session.CurrentDatabase ' current database
        Set uiview=ws.CurrentView ' set uiview
        Set collection=uiview.Documents ' Get colletion of notes document from opened view
        Set doc=Collection.GetFirstDocument() ' get selected document . select document manually
        Dim item As NotesItem ' set item class
        Dim Readers1 As String, Readers As String, dReaders As String
        Dim Authers1 As String, Authers As String,dAuthers As String
        If Not doc Is Nothing Then
                ' get readers values from document
                Forall items In doc.Items ' get all its values
                        If items.IsReaders Then ' search all readers values        filter readers-only check for readers             
                                Readers=Readers+items.Name +"="+Cstr(items.Values(0))+Chr(13)   'joint reader values        
                        End If
                End Forall
                Readers1="Readers:" +Cstr(doc.UniversalID)+Chr(13)+Readers 'Joint Author values 
                If dReaders="n" Then    
                        Readers1 ="No readers are available in this document"
                End If
                ' get author values from document               
                Forall items In doc.Items
                        If items.IsAuthors Then ' search all author values        filter author-only check for readers              
                                Authers=Authers+items.Name +"="+Cstr(items.Values(0))+Chr(13)          
                        End If                                             
                End Forall
                Authers1=("Authors: "+Cstr(doc.UniversalID) +Chr(13)+Authers)       ' Joint author values       
                If dAuhtors="n" Then    
                        Authors1 ="No authors are available in this document"
                End If
                Msgbox (Readers1 +Chr(13) +Authers1) ' Populate all readers & authors from document with m message box
                'Reseat values
        End If
End Sub
We think that you have gone through the above code, now find how to run this code.
From database agent
GO to database designer à agent section
Create agentà select lotus script agent.
Past this code à then select agent property” run on all selected document’
Check for agent property à this should be “action menu selection” to run from
UI view.
From View Button
Create button ‘Check document security’ add this code to button event. (This button is only for database designer so manage accordingly)

Now Open view from where you want to run this agent/script.
Click button you will get message box with all authors and reader / similarly run the agent from action \ check document security ‘you will get message box with authors and reader.

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