Simple Steps to Send Mail from an xPage

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 Simple Steps to Send Mail from an xPage
xPage Mail send : Mail send is the most important feature, lotus notes has inbuilt capability to send and accept mails. XPages is newly designed element to accept web2.0 technology, it has some different scripting techniques. Most of them are known, as we know we use lot of mail sending script in our traditional lotus script mail send code. If we moved to new XPages design then we have to change some scripting notations for mail send feature. Here we have shown simple demonstration of mail send, you can replace your lotus script mail send code with below server side JavaScript code.
Add this code on any trigger event on your XPage.

var currentDB:NotesDatabase=session.getCurrentDatabase(); // Set your current database
var mailmemoDoc:NotesDocument=currentDB.createDocument(); // creare bew maildoc document
var Doc = document1.getDocument(); // get the handle of your document control which you want
mailmemoDoc.replaceItemValue("Form","Memo"); // Mail memo form
mailmemoDoc.replaceItemValue("SendTo",""); // your mail address
mailmemoDoc.replaceItemValue("Subject","xpage mail send"); // Mail Subject
mailmemoDoc.replaceItemValue("body", " This is mail body Text only");// Your mail body content only as text
Or you can use dynamic mail subject by fetching “Doc” handle using getItemvalue method

mailmemoDoc.send(); // send mail command

The above defined method is the simple mail send method, if you are familiar with lotus script mail send code you can easily understand the above code. For reference we have written lotus script mail send below
Now, if you want to attach some doc link or attachment then use rich text item class
Below are the few lines will show you, How to add rich text in mail?

var RTBody:NotesRichTextItem=mailDoc.createRichTextItem("Body");
// set body to Item as notes richest item

RTBody.appendTable(1,1); // append some new lines to display mail in proper formant
RTBody.appendDocLink(currentDoc, "Click  to the document"); // Here is the document link
Some other parameter /object’s you can attach to open in mail file
RTBody.appendDocLink(currentDB, "Click  to the document")
RTBody.appendDocLink(yourobject, “Click  to the view)
RTBody.update(); // update method to update the rich text item in memo form to process all pending rich text items

Lotus Script Mail Send –

Dim Session as new notes session
Dim currentDB=session.currentdatabase() // Notes session class
Set mailmemoDoc = currentDB.createdocument // Notes database class
Call mailmemoDoc.ReplaceItemValue("Form","Memo"); // Mail memo form
Call mailmemoDoc.ReplaceItemValue("SendTo",""); // your mail address
Call mailmemoDoc.ReplaceItemValue("Subject","xpage mail send"); // Mail Subject
Call mailmemoDoc.ReplaceItemValue("body", "This is mail body Text only");// Your mail body content

This is simple mail send form, it’s a simplified version of mail send in Lotus script, compare xPage mail send and lotus script mail send, you will get exact idea and you will find that there is no difference except scripting language notation with same structure.
Also the similar way to add attachment to lotus script mail, set rich text body class to “Body” field from Mail file database to Memo form.
Dim richtext as NotesrichtextItem
Set RTBody = New NotesRichTextItem( doc, "Body" )

There are similar methods for Rich text class for XPage that you can use with rich text item class , below are the some rich text items methods that you can incorporate to your mail send code whenever you required.

Methods :
EmbeddedObjects( for server side JavaScript)
getFormattedText ( for server side JavaScript)
getNotesFont ( for server side JavaScript)
getUnformattedText ( for server side JavaScript)
embedObject (for server side JavaScript)
update (for server side JavaScript)
appendParagraphStyle (for server side JavaScript)
appendRTItem (for server side JavaScript)
addPageBreak (for server side JavaScript)
compact (for server side JavaScript)
Refer lotus notes help file to get more methods for Rich text item class.

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