How to set new Author name in existing Author field using Lotus Script?

You can set author name in existing document. For this you should have at-least manager/ designer
/ editor /Author*
Author*: You can add another author name only if you have already added as Author in existing document Author field
From the below script check for function
This is important step , only replace field values in for existing author filed will not work , you have to explicitly set ‘IsAuhtor’ property as true
Now, look at the steps how to add Another Author name to existing field.

Steps -
      1)Create new agent / or button to write the lotus script
2)If you are working on agent add below script and select agent property ,run on only selected documents.
3)If you are working on button, create button on UI view and just copy & paste the below script on button Onclick event.
4)Save your code and open a view
5)Run the agent/or click on button to run the script , before this select the document from view where you want to add new author field 

Sub Initialize
    Dim ws As New NotesUIWorkspace   
    Dim doc As NotesDocument
    Dim view As NotesView
    Dim uiview As NotesUIView   
    Dim doccoll As NotesDocumentCollection    
    Dim AuthItem As NotesItem

    Set uiview=ws.CurrentView
    Set doccoll=uiview.Documents
    Set doc=doccoll.GetFirstDocument 
 'Selected document, script runs on single document only
   If Not doc Is Nothing Then        
   Set AuthItem=doc.GetFirstItem("NewAuthors") 
 ' New author field , you can use existing author field if you have author field already created on form
        If Not AuthItem Is Nothing   Then
            Call AuthItem.AppendToTextList("Amol Jalak/EXTNEW/US/MAIL") 
                                                         ' use new name in ABBREVIATED format
            Call AuthItem.AppendToTextList("Amey Jadal/EXTNEW/US/MAIL") 
                                                         ' use new name in ABBREVIATED format
            Call AuthItem.AppendToTextList("Steve Marker/EXTNEW/US/MAIL")  
                                                          ' use new name in ABBREVIATED format
            Call AuthItem.AppendToTextList("Ye Ping Sue/EXTNEW/US/MAIL") 
                                                         ' use new name in ABBREVIATED format
            Call AuthItem.AppendToTextList("Krish Hassle/EXTNEW/US/MAIL") 
                                                          ' use new name in ABBREVIATED format                       
                              ' This method use to set Authors to newly added users as Author                       
            Call doc.Save(True,False)      
        End If       
        Msgbox "document is not selected, please select at least one document"              
End If      
End Sub

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