Lotus Notes Interview Questions (Set 1)

Lotus Notes Interview Questions - Security

Q1) Do you have idea about extra privileges in ACL? If yes, then tell us, if I want to create a shared view/folder then what access I should  have in ACL? Tell us the minimum access requirement in ACL. 


Yes, you should have a minimum Editor Access to create shared folder or view.

Q2) what are the ways/ how to display a profile documents in a note view?


Profile document is an hidden entity, it can be accessed only formula or script at runtime, hence Profile document can’t be displayed in any type of a view

 Q3) How to redirect from one form to another form on the web?


We can use $$Return field to redirect from one form to another form. We can compute another page/form/view etc. URL in $$Return field for redirect command.

Q4) When you will received default message "Form processed." message box and how will you  prevent this message box on domino web’ .


If you have multiple webpages domino application and you are trying to submit one page and then you want to open another page after submitting first page and if you have not written computed  $$Return field URL redirect formula then you will received ‘Form processed’ message box.
To prevent displaying ‘Form processed’ message box use $$Return computed field with redirect URL computed formula.

 Q5) how many type events an activity document help monitor In DECS and give the name of activity events


There are 4 types of events Create, Open, Update and Delete
  Create (Creating used to create a document)
  Open (Opening used to open a document)
  Update (Update/Modify used to change a document)
  Delete (Deleting is used to delete a document)

Q6) What Order / sequence domino follows to open a particular saved document from view. I.e. if you have a view and there is one saved document in view and you clicked on that document to open then what sequenced domino/notes will follow to open the document.

Answer:           First domino will search for ‘Stored form’
                        Second domino will search for ‘Form formula’
                        Third domino will search for ‘Form which was used to create that document’
                        And Last domino will search for ‘Default form’ to open documents.
Q7) there is on web application in which I have applied a CSS, then how can I change the CSS Class of an element at run time on web browser?


We can achieve it from multiple ways, I can tell you the two methods -
1.      document.all.item("element_id").className=’CSSClass’
2.      document. getElementById(' element_id').className=’CSSClass’

Q8) In case irrelevant file name & different database title, then tell us can replication possible between two databases.


Yes replication is possible. Replication does not require exact file name & database name.

Q9) I have requirement, in which I need to show document by current employee id, then tell me how can we do this in Notes Client & Web for view?

  • For Web, we have URL in which we can add parameter ‘Restrict to category=employee id’ I.e. employee Id can be the login User ID @username.        
  • For a Notes Client, First I will create view with categorized first column as employee ID then I will embed view in a form. Then I can use “Show Single Category Property” for embedded view. 
Q10) I can create documents in the database, but I cannot edit them. I have Author access in the ACL. What could be preventing for me for editing documents created by me itself?


Answer: Author access is not sufficient, because author access works simultaneously with author field, to get access on document your name should be listed in an Authors field to edit documents.

Q11) What is the use of LEI & How can you implement LEI?


LEI stands for Lotus Enterprise Integrator, LEI works as bridge between tow applications for data transfer it can be Lotus Notes to Lotus Notes or Lotus Notes to any Relational database ex. Oracle SQL etc.

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