Simple steps to add Repeat Control to XPage

Repeat control is the type of “container control” you can find this control in container control navigation.
We have added it on XPage. It looks like this -


Before starting to work on repeat control, you need to assign the data source name from the property box.
Add the “collection name” to repeat control. We have added “RepeatControlEx”

Next step, we have to bind data source, refer below screen you can set your data source name, we have selected the ‘view2”our data source name.


Now, we will add ‘List box’ control in repeat control. To show view column values in a style of List.

Added List box , now go to 'Data' Property , Select simple data binding' .now see

data source name will becomes populated automatically, because we have added list box control in repeat control.

List box Field in Repeat control.

Select Bind to Field list, these are the column names from view2 DataSoucre

Now, select First Name Field/Column name, it will look link as below

Save your repeat control XPage and run it on web browser and see how the values are populating-
Below is the simple output of repeat control. These are the column values of a "First Name"

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