Lotus Notes Domino 11? Whats new in Domino 11?

 What’s new in Domino 11:

Domino 11 really? Yes, we are talking about Lotus notes 11, yesterday, date 14 MAR 2019, there was first online Presentation, which was presented by the “Richard Jefts” & “Andrew Many”.
We were very excited to know more about Domino 11, what’s new in it? Is it complete HCL product or still IBM involved in it?  All those questions were in mind, however, before talking about 11, we need to understand what’s in domino 10 first and how domino 11 is best over the 10.. as domino 10 already have plenty features in it:
              New workspace look.
              Custom color themes
              Application user interface enhancements
              The touch screen on Windows Tablet
              Collapsible left navigator
              Quick contacts
              More accurate results when searching for attachments.
              Updated import and export file types
              Images in web tables look better when copied
              Some preferences now enabled by default
              New mail features
              New calendar features

And the question is What’s new in Domino 11 and here a few notes I have taken to understand what will be in the Domino 11.

For Domino 11 I can say in one line, Domino 11 is a modern pro-code and low-code platform, you can call its true RAD system.

The investment under domino 11 comes in three major parts of domino.
Domino Admin, Domino Mail experience (UI change, Light Weight, Low memory), Domino Developer. These are the three major aspects of Domino 11.  
Here we will try to understand these points in bit detail ...
Domino 11 Administrator

There are major innovations & enhancements will join soon to Domino 10
Here is a list of new updates for Domino 11

1.      Verse on Cloud with better user experience
2.      New SMTP whitelisting Logic 
3.      Mail Hygiene 
4.      New Span Management  
5.      lower TCO, easier deployment and enterprise-class manageability
6.      Increase ease of Domino deployment with Microsoft ADFS synchronization
7.      Reduce operational costs with use of industry standard cloud object storage

Here is the complete Roadmap “Mail on IBM Connections Cloud”

The Enhancement will be done under 5 different phases:

First Phase -
1.      Resolve Rooms and Resource conflicts across tenants
2.      Update for Notes 10.0.1 template
3.      Verse on Cloud feature update
Second Phase-
4.      SMTP Restriction Controls inc. “whitelisting”
5.      Handle the multiple Orgs
6.      The bulk template update tool
7.      Verse on Cloud feature update          
Third Phase-
8.      Admin can empty users’ trash
9.      Mail Hygiene Management update
10.  ACL changes via Integration Server
11.  Verse on Cloud feature update
Fourth Phase-
12.  Mail Hygiene Management update
13.  Cross-company NRPC-based “free time” lookup
14.  Verse on Cloud synchronized with VOP release
Fifth Phase-
15.  Full Rooms and Resources service
16.  Additional functional from the SCN backlog
17.  Verse on Cloud synchronized with VOP release

Domino 11 Mail

IBM Verse Update Roadmap:
Phase 1 & Phase 2 will carry major Enhancements-
Change loge has below parameters
1.      Attachments made easy  
2.      Intelligent folders for mail
3.      Working across time zones  
4.      Customizing the Verse experience  
5.      30 days of offline mail  

Phase 3, 4, and 5 will carry below Enhancements-
6.       The sample of the major features once VOP/VOC are in-sync
7.       Overhaul of the Calendar experience
8.       iCAL import
9.       Advance Mail Rules
10.   Verse Web on Mobile.
Domino 11 Desktop Email Client
Domino 11, Unwatchable experience with few more enhancement in 11
1.     Domino 11 will be Low code market for all
2.     The all new Mail experience is here, this is just beautiful update over our traditional mailbox, there is a lot more is in planning…., it will replace this traditional mail client for all new Experience for iNotes users.

This will be the new desktop email client from domino 11.
The new Skype inspired Sametime chat.

Domino 11 : All new Mail experience –  This will be unveiled very soon.

1.       Low code,
2.       Light weight
3.       Low memory
4.       Android OS support ( Verse Update)
5.       Full Chrome browser & Chrome OS Support

Domino Verse: New Verse Experience – Verse Web on a Mobile Device, the all-new Verse experience on mobile is here.  Domino Verse will get of lot of UI updates.

Domino 11 Developer

“Elasticsearch” - Event-based Use Case –
Do we know what is Elastic Search? and why Elasticsearch?
Elastic-search is very popular open source search mechanism, it becomes the most common search engine in worldwide, the most popular website “Amazon” is using this mechanism, and is mainly used for log analytics, security intelligence, full-text search, operational intelligence use cases and for business analytics. It is reachable through a wide and extravagant API, Elasticsearch can power tremendously fast searches that support your data detection applications. Elasticsearch is Fast & Sharp Search against Huge Volumes of Data
New Capabilities – S3 Cloud Object Storage –
  • 1  NSF : Attachments are unique to every document
  • 2  DAOS : Attachments are shared on the same server
  • 3  Cloud Object Store: Attachments are shared across servers

Description: It’s a very interesting development that I heard for an attachment, its unique attachment across all the servers à databaseà document, for example –
If Server A has an application called invoice.nsf and server B has application replica of hosted, now what is happening for an attachment currently? it will create multiple instances for an attachment in each document, but now, it’s not the case J -> one attachment across all replicas on the same or different server, only one instance of Attachment hosted on the cloud.
This will be the best logic for an attachment, this will help to reduce the server space and will increase server space and that will help for performance.

What's new for Developer, yes this is the point which I want to understand, this was the questions in mind, what will happen with Xpage bug fix or is anything good is coming in xpage, do we still get more modified low code solution for the developer? what about Lotus Script & @formulas?  And I got almost all the answers for it.
1.       About xPage : yes there is lot more coming in xpage, initially, it will fix all the bugs and it will add much to prove its RAD system.
2.       It will also include additional Lotus Script classes to support Xpage & DQL, also additional security for XPage will be introduced.

One more Point which I missed here,
In Later phase, Domino 11 will introduce a class-leading mail template which will have Pure HTML & Pure JavaScript code only. No bloatware, no Eclipse, No Java nothing, we will get pure HTML experience.

It's done from my side & thanks for reading this blog, I have written this blog as per my understanding so pls do confirm all the details officially. In case any doubt. , you can attend next conversion on below given links by IBM & HCL

Upcoming Events for Domino 11
Forrester TEI webinar – April 11
Domino Tech School – March 28
Engage – May 14-15

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