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We at xpagedomino.com, are the team of few people and have a very good understanding of the XPage development platform, we are very passionate to provide the best working solutions for the XPages development. We are trying to demonstrate the simple techniques / tips / methods for XPage platform. We are the members of big organizations & also, worked with big organizations like IBM for Lotus Notes Application Software development.

Xpagedomino.com is initiated for the people who really want to see the capabilities of XPage software technology, in which we are trying to cover all new methodology, hidden XPage power and new techniques that can help to all levels of expertise.  

Also, Lotus notes is the most popular technology and many of the big organizations are still using traditional Lotus notes, hence we are also trying to add unknown techniques & methods of lotus script & formula language.

In case, if you want to send/share your innovations, ideas, methods or techniques on lotus notes development platform , please contact us at admin@xpagedomino.com or simply click here to contact us.

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Xpage Admin email ID: admin@xpagedomino.com
Xpage Author email ID: amol.jalak@xpagedomino.com

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